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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Serial Killers?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Serial Killers?
Ellie Barlow
Written by Ellie Barlow

Serial killers are among the most notorious criminals in the world. They’re vile and depraved, and their crimes are nothing short of horrific. So what does it mean when someone dreams about a serial killer? Obviously, this dream isn’t simply some kind of idle curiosity. It may suggest that the person is feeling unsafe or threatened in some way. If you’re struggling with any kind of fear or anxiety, it’s important to seek out professional help. But even if you don’t have any concerns about your safety, it can be interesting to contemplate the meaning of such dreams. After all, they can help us better understand the psychology of criminals and their motives. Read on to learn more about what this dream may mean for you.

Serial killers are a type of dreamer

Dreaming about serial killers can be a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed or fearful in your waking life. It could also suggest that you have unresolved anger or aggression toward someone. Or, it may simply be a way for you to explore dark and disturbing thoughts. Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that dreaming about serial killers doesn’t mean you’re going to become one yourself.

What serial killers dream about

Serial killers are overwhelmingly male and tend to have a specific type of dream in which they enact their murders. In these dreams, the killers often feel powerful and in control. They may also see themselves as glamorous or even beautiful people, according to The Daily Beast. This is typically followed by feelings of sadistic pleasure as they commit their crimes.

Some experts believe that serial killers may be trying to deal with the intense guilt and remorse that comes with killing multiple people. These feelings can build until the killer reaches a breaking point and resorts to dreaming about murder to deal with them.

How can we use dreams to predict future behavior?

Dreams can be a powerful tool for predicting future behavior. Dreams may reflect previous experiences or thoughts that we have had, as well as our current emotional state. When we are trying to understand why someone has behaved in a certain way in the past, or why they might behave in a similar way in the future, it is often helpful to look at their dreams.

One study found that dreaming about violent crimes was linked with increased likelihood of committing those crimes. Dreams about murder, rape, and violence were more likely to be followed by an act of violence during the day. Interestingly, however, these dreams were not always predictive; some people who dreamed about such crimes never actually committed any act of violence.

While dreams about violent crimes may be indicative of future behavior, it’s important to remember that not all dreams about violent crimes are predictive. People who dream about being attacked or hurt generally do not become victims of violence later on in life. Similarly, dreaming about committing a crime does not always mean that you will actually commit one.

There are many factors involved in predicting future behavior, and it’s impossible to say which dreams are most likely to predict future behavior. If a dream is troubling or seems out of character for you, don’t ignore it – try to remember what happened in the dream and think about what it could mean for your own life.


Dreams about serial killers can be terrifying, but they can also be indicative of some underlying issues. If you are having recurrent dreams about a serial killer, it is important to talk to your doctor or therapist so that you can get help resolving the underlying issues. By doing so, you may find that the dreams stop altogether or become considerably less intense. In any case, it is important to recognize the warning signs and get professional help if you are worried about them.

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